Hammond Organ Restoration

Restoration not only means that the Hammond Organ will be cleaned, the Organ will be nearly as new. Everything that can degrade will be cleaned, repaired or replaced. That goes for the busbars, Gui-Foam (!!), Keys and Key contacts, Key-combs, Felt, Oil wicks, Capacitors, Tubes, Scanner, Soldering contacts, Pedal Felt, Pedal contacts, Amplifiers, Electrical Hardware like mains entry, fuses, switches, connectors, the housing etc.

After this session the organ looks quite new and sounds and plays as new. Smooth gliding keys, a nice, good keyclick and percussion, warm Vibrato, smooth no noisy drawbars and for all, a good sound.

Restoration is not an easy job. It requires knowledge, precision, and most of all lots of patience. Restoration takes 7 to 9 succesive days of work. First carefully taking the organ apart, then cleaning, checking, repairing and restoring all separated parts. The tonewheel generator will be checked/adjusted for correct tone levels as originally indicated by the Hammond factory. Then putting everything together creating new soldering joints, checking wires etc.

Gui-Foam (goes for all models of the mid 60's till end of production) will be removed 
and all by gui-foam affected wires will be replaced. 
The number of affected wires is unpredictable, therefore this activity is very difficult to plan.  This means that Gui-Foam removal is always seperately calculated afterwards!

Request a restoration quote for your Hammond Organ.  I can pick up you organ at your home and bring it back when it's finished.

Pick-up and return service : €50 /100km from Eindhoven

All prices excluding 21% Btw / VAT