Hammond Organ Repair

The number of good Hammond Organs is rapidly decreasing. Many are thrown away or even dumped somewhere unaware of the value of these historical instruments.

As with all products some are really defective and should be taken apart to serve for spare parts. Alright, they are not new but unfortunately there are no new parts available other than the sparcely available New Old Stock (NOS). 
New tubes are availebable from many sources since the tube amplifiers are popular again.

Repairing a Hammond Organ is a specialty on itself. The many types have their different problems and difficulties. Some are easy to maintain others are a burden!! Much of repair jobs is cleaning/repairing contacts and resoldering solder joints. 
After so many years the contacts are often overloaded with grease, oil, nicotine, dust and oxidation. They cause many of the problems that occur in the old Hammond organs.

Some Hammond Organs do have the GUI-FOAM. This foam was used in Hammond Organs from mid 60's and on. This foam is getting weak and sticky and can distroy the tiny resistance wires in the manuals of the organ causing dead keys in the end. This Foam must be removed; It is not a question if it happens but WHEN it happens! So the sooner the better!

Another main problem with hammond organs are the so called "Tin-Wiskers".
They are small metal parts that "grow"and build up short circuits between the metal housing of manuals and switch-boxes. The short-circuit will cause problems like failing percussion and different volumes in the manuals. In models like the A100/B3/C3/D100/H100/X77 they can cause percussion problems individual per key. Removing the Tin-Wiskers and protecting it from that in the future means that one has to dismantel the complete keyboard! A hell of a job.

From my point of view one should have the organ completely technically cleaned whenever a problem encounters. Some parts that are worn are even very dangerous (mains cable) and should be replaced immediately!! Also a fuse must be added for safe operation. Ok, it will cost some money but its worthwhile!! The Hammond can be played on for another few decades or so.

- MusiFix will pick it up for repair/restauration and bring it back when it is finished or
- MusiFix comes to you for repair of any type of Hammond organ when it is not reasonable to have the organ moved (floor-levels)

Repair rates are as follows :

- Repair / hour: €50,- 
- Pick-up and return service: € 50,- / 100 km (one-way distance max. 300 km) from Eindhoven

All prices excluding 21% Btw / VAT