MusiFix Leslie Kit MLK 11-9 with Effect-Insert

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Leslie kit to connect an 9-pin Leslie to a Keyboard or Organ with 11-pin Leslie connector (Hammond XK3/5, NewB3 or Hammond SKx or others).
9-pin Leslies like Leslie 760, Leslie 910 etc. can be connected. Only the the rotary signal of the Hammond is amplified and transfered to the Leslie.

Connect the MusiFix Leslie Kit (MLK) with the 11-pin connector to the 11-pin output  at the back of your Hammond Keyboard or Organ . The cable has a length of 1,5 meter, long enough to put it nicely at the back or next to your keyboard or organ on the floor. The Leslie with 9-pin cable (not supplied) must be connected to the 9-pin output of the MLK Leslie Kit.

The Leslie will be switched on and off when you power-up or power-down your keyboard or Organ. The mains cable (earthed) has a length of 2,5 meters.

The MusiFix MLK Leslie Kit has an Effect Insert built in! This means that you can now connect effect-pedals to your Organ or Keyboard. Think of a-distortion-pedal or Flanger-pedal or even a series of effect pedals!
Use a splitter cable (Jack-Stereo to 2 x Jack-Mono) to connect your effect pedal.

Brand: MusiFix
Polig: 11
Length: 14 cm
Weight (gr): 1250