MusiFix Leslie Kit MLK 8-11 with Effect-Insert

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Leslie kit to connect an 11-pin Leslie to a Hammond  XK1 or Hammond SK1/2 series. 
11-pin Leslies like Leslie 122XB, Leslie 720, Leslie 412 etc. can be connected. Only the the rotary signal of the Hammond is amplified and transfered to the Leslie; not the Extravoices.

Connect the MusiFix Leslie Kit (MLK) with the 8-pin connector to the 8-pin output  at the back of your Hammond Keyboard or Organ . The cable has a length of 1,5 meter, long enough to put it nicely at the back or next to your keyboard or organ on the floor. The Leslie with 11-pin cable (not supplied) must be connected to the 11-pin output of the MLK Leslie Kit.

The Leslie will be switched on and off when you power-up ord power-down your keyboard or Organ. The mains cable (earthed) has a length of 2,5 meters.

The MusiFix MLK Leslie Kit has an Effect Insert built in! This means that you can connect effect-pedals to it. Think of a-distortion-pedal or Flanger-pedal or even a series of effect pedals!
Use a splitter cable (Jack-Stereo to 2 x Jack-Mono) to connect your effect pedal.

Brand: MusiFix
Polig: 8
Length: 14 cm
Weight (gr): 1250